Hot Stone Massage


The origins of therapeutic Massage are rooted in the common instinctual response to erase pain through touch with pressure. Massage as a healing art is as old as civilization itself. It has been used for thousand of years for relaxation, restoring and promoting health. In some countries it is even a health discipline. Massage is a complimentary therapy that, when applied with skill love and care, can evoke many beneficial changes within the body, mind and spirit of the whole person.

Massage provides a safe and neutral situation in which to receive loving touch and stimulation of the skin senses, which is so important to replenishing the resources of the life forces of the body, emotional health and self esteem. Touch is fundamental to the development of a healthy human being. The power of non-sexual loving touch, and its ability to heal, share empathy and to comfort, has largely been forgotten in our society. Touch transcends language and personality. It speaks directly to the innermost core of the human heart, soothing away pain and dissolving tension from the body and mind.

Massage is an ideal way of reducing stress whether physical or emotional. Massage is the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue of the body, by relaxing tight muscles. Massage can bring about physical, mechanical and psychological effects to help maintain the body at optimal health.

Other benefits of Massage are relaxation, increased circulation (blood flow and lymphatic flow) which helps to rid the body of toxins. It loosens scar tissue, strengthens, stretches and aids in muscle mobility. Massage helps to balance the metabolism and aids in the elimination of water retention, (edema swelling).

Our massages are performed on the BioMat, the most extraordinary pain & stress management tool available. (Read more about the BioMat here.) The BioMat system uses Amethyst Crystals, a natural delivery system; Far Infrared light waves, a natural beneficial light wave, and Negative Ions, natural essential energy. The BioMat penetrates tissue deeply, helps to deeply relax, calms the mind, strengthens the immune system, eases joint pain, improves lymphatic flow, increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation and much more. Used to enhance the massage or on its own, it is a beneficial treatment.

Types of Massage

  • Swedish
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • Sports
  • Pressure Point

Specialty Massage

Prenatal Massage

Specifically for the mommy-to-be, prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork which focuses on her special needs as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the pregnancy experience. Benefits extend to both Mommy and Baby by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.

Pressure Point Massage

The application of pressure to the reflex points in the hands and feet which correspond to the glands and organs of the body. Pressure Point is a reflexology type massage that aids in the release of stress and tension, improves circulation and strengthens the immune system. Pressure to reflex points can trigger physiological changes that empower the body and soothe the mind.

Sacred Stone Massage

Indulge yourself in this healing ritual. Warm and smooth stones are placed on key areas of the body and used with warmed exotic oils to massage the body. Tension is released, balance is restored and the flow of positive energy throughout the body increases as the warm stones gently encourage sore muscles to relax surrender to the healing properties of the stones.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo “Cho” Sticks help to deliver a deep luxurious relaxing massage. The solid wood Bamboo Sticks reduce tension, soothes anxiety, and helps you to escape into serene tranquility, leaving you relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated like never before.


One Hour Massage _Price: $80

Ninety Minute Massage _Price: $120

One Hour Prenatal Massage _Price: $80

Ninety Minute Prenatal Massage _Price: $120

Thirty Minute Pressure Point Massage_Price $50

One Hour Pressure Point Massage_Price $80

One Hour Aromatherapy Massage_Price $95

Ninety Minute Sacred Stone Therapy Massage_Price $130

Ninety Minute Bamboo Massage_Price $130

Services available for office settings, parties and special events. Contact Glad for details.

Massage Packages are available, ask for details.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Services will be charged fully for appointments not canceled a minimum of 12 hours before scheduled treatment.