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Women In Facial Masks
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The Classic
The basis of all facials. A thorough analysis of you skin is performed to determine your skin care needs. Extractions, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage followed by a hydrating cream mask completes this fabulous treatment. This facial is excellent for all skin types.___60 Minutes
Premium Facial Treatment
Soften deep wrinkles, lift the facial curve or smooth the skin, this treatment offers an alternative to plastic surgery with high precision and effectiveness. an immediate effect on the complexion through a professional technique for removing the outer skin layers. Facial Sculpt, Resurface Lift and Precision Wrinkle Targeting all in one comprehensive treatment. Use of products to retain long lasting results is recommended.___60 Minutes
The Elements of 4
This unique Four Layer Facial treatment utilizes the natural and therapeutic properties of the sea. This enhanced Classic Facial is excellent for all skin types.
Element One – Softens lines, adds moisture and rebalances the skin
Element Two – Hydrates and improves circulation
Element Three – Eliminates toxins, nourishes and soothes the skin
Element Four – Improves skin tone and creates even skin color.___60 Minutes
Problem Skin
When the skin requires special attention from conditions such as acne, discoloration, clogged pores, excessive oily skin or dry skin, we can customize a facial to meet your particular skin care needs. Your skin will be rebalanced and remineralized leaving you with a clean and radiant complexion. We will also prescribe a home-care regimen to promote healthy skin based on your individual needs.

___60 Minutes
Gentlemen’s Facial
This is a customized Classic Facial for his special skin care needs. We address sensitivity due to shaving, pollution, fatigue and stress. After this treatment his skin will feel clean, smooth, refreshed and renewed.

___60 Minutes

All facials can be purchased as a six treatment package for the price of five.

Intensive Facial Rejuvenation

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Enzyme Performing Mask
This non-acidic natural biological treatment is suitable for all skin types, producing immediate and spectacular results by removing dead cell accumulations. Skin is retexturized, fine lines are smoothed and post acne scars are less visible. A series of six treatments is recommended for best results.
$45 with facial
$65 stand alone

Facial Upgrades

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Aromatherapy Treatment
The use of essential oils has the effect to calm, stimulate, purify and revitalize. Each treatment is customized for your particular skin care needs.
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
The eye area is the first to show signs of aging and fatigue. This unique treatment is a necessity. A specialized massage followed by a supple and comforting eye mask delivers therapeutic elements for the improved appearance of this sensitive area.
$25 with facial
$45 stand alone

Special Services

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Custom Blending of Aromatherapy
As part of your facial, Glad can custom blend aromatherapy oils, lotions, balms and scrubs specifically for your skin type.

Based on Consultation

Prices are subject to change without notice.