Aromatherapy Bottles


Aromatherapy is the ancient healing art and science of using essential oils of plants, flowers and herbs to tend the body, mind and spirit.  Essential oils are extracted volatile liquids of the life force of plants.  These essences are extracted from different parts of the plant and contain many beneficial properties which are used in Aromatherapy to increase vitality and health.

Aromatherapy can be experienced in massage, used in diffusers, potpourri pots, scented candles or sea salts in a relaxing bath or any of your personal care products.

We offer a wide range of products to help relieve you of the day to day stresses of life. Our Aromatherapy products will pamper and relax the body; soothe and calm the mind; uplift and delight the spirit.

Glad's products are custom blended, with love, respect and integrity.  She uses only pure essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Dexcription Size Price Size Price
Body/Bath Oils 4oz $12 8oz $20
Body Soothing Lotions 4oz $12 8oz $20
Shower/Bath Gel 4oz $12 8oz $20
Bath Salts 8oz $8 16oz $20

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